Work Hard to Play Hard - White Chocolate Cranberry

Work Hard to Play Hard - White Chocolate Cranberry

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Work Hard to Play Hard (White Chocolate Cranberry)

The original blend that started it all! Natural sweetness of the cranberry juice and dried cranberries mix well with the hearty flavors of the almonds

  • Cranberry

    • Taste: Burst of natural sweetness

    • Health Benefits: High in antioxidants, good source of Vitamin C, fiber and manganese

  • Almonds

    • Taste: Creamy and Nutty

    • Health Benefits: Reduces cholesterol, rich in unsaturated fats, high in protein and rich in fiber to allow you feeling fuller for longer

  • Coconut

    • Taste: Naturally sweet

    • Health Benefits: Good source of iron to keep bones health and strong, containing zinc which a mineral crucial to strengthen and heal the immune system

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