Fitness Freak - Vanilla Almond Chai

Fitness Freak - Vanilla Almond Chai

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Fitness Freak (Vanilla Almond Chai)

A blend of almonds, coconut and the energizing remedies of chai tea with a drizzle of white chocolate

  • Chai Tea

    • Taste: Warm and soothing

    • Health Benefits: Blend of spices help to improve circulation, aid in digestion, reduce fatigue and boots immune system

  • Almonds

    • Taste: Creamy and Nutty

    • Health Benefits: Reduces cholesterol, rich in unsaturated fats, high in protein and rich in fiber to allow you feeling fuller for longer

  • Coconut

    • Taste: Naturally sweet

    • Health Benefits: Good source of iron to keep bones health and strong, containing zinc which a mineral crucial to strengthen and heal the immune system

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