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our roots

Founder: Casey Kathryn Kehoe

There is no denying that the gluten free trend has been growing for years now but before all the hype, in 2010 I was one frustrated, confused and mystified girl as to why I was having these crazy digestion problems. I never thought of eating steel cut oats, protein bars or whole wheat bread would be poisoning my tummy and leaving me feel like I had a balloon in my stomach! After numerous doctor’s visits and multiple tests, it all came clear to me when a premier food allergist diagnosed me with a gluten allergy.

I took it upon myself to take control of my “new” eating lifestyle and began to re-create all of the delicious foods I once was able to enjoy. From all the home baking and cooking, the one product that I found to be the most versatile and convenient for my busy and healthy lifestyle was GRANOLA! Whether it be breakfast with berries, a snack in between work meetings, my savior on long plane rides, a post work out snack or even a late night treat on the couch- granola was my go to food!

I soon realized that aside from my homemade granola, there really wasn’t a high quality, premium granola brand that could conform to the multiple facets of my lifestyle and I knew I wasn’t alone out there.

Yes, granola has had its shining moments, especially with the yogis, naturalistas and trail hikers of the world but for the rest of us that still want to eat healthy and have a busy lifestyle, Casey’s Krunch is the new hero product when you don’t have time to stop and smell the roses!