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Casey Kathryn Kehoe- Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Casey blends together her years of experience as a competitive athlete with her passion for fitness, baking and healthy-living. The creation of Casey's Krunch came quite organically after Casey was diagnosed with a severe gluten allergy in 2011 while living in Chicago. In order to have a healthy, gluten-free snack, Casey began baking at home some of her favorite traditional baked-goods but in a gluten free version. The one staple product that she found was her preferred snack was granola. She would bake it in large quantities then portion it out into little Ziplock bags to stash in her gym back, keep at her desk at work or even carry around to the sports bar on the weekends. Casey soon realized and discovered there was a gap in the market for small portioned sized gluten-free granola and therefore started Casey's Krunch- to offer a gluten-free, grab-n-go sized package of granola for the busy, health-conscious consumer.

Casey wears a number of hats and is responsible for the product development, daily operations in the kitchen, and marketing/branding. She is also still very hands on in the kitchen with the three Baking Assistants. Together with her co-founder and husband Tom, Casey regularly attends trade shows and other industry related events. As the CEO and Founder, it is hard not to have your hands in a little bit of everything!

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Tom Kehoe- Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

As the COO, among Tom's many roles, he leads the behind the scenes execution of the brand. As a former Captain in the United States Army and amateur boxer, Tom has long been committed to a healthy lifestyle. During his 10 year career in the United States Army Tom served in a multitude of leadership roles around the Globe. From the Middle East to the U.S.A., Tom enjoyed a very active 10 years in the Army. While serving in Iraq in 2004/2005, Tom earned the the Bronze Star for her service. Tom is very proud to have served alongside the countless men and women in our Country's military and remains a very proud veteran. Following his career in the military, Tom went on to attend law school at St. John's University. Immediately follow law school he joined the Investment Bank, Goldman Sachs. Since leaving Goldman Sachs in 2016, Tom has been recruited by and joined a number of early-stage companies and start-ups where he has served as the head of business development and operations. Currently Tom has his own private consulting firm that provides strategic and corporate planning for early stage companies in the health and wellness space. Tom spends his time and focus on three key areas of Casey’s Krunch to help with the growth and success of the business:
1) Financial Projections/Management
2) Director of Operations and working with 3rd party vendors/suppliers
3) Developing and Executing the Business Plan.


Where & How the krunch is Created

It is safe to say that almost all entrepreneurs know the struggles and challenges of starting your own company from scratch. Just like with baking, starting a company requires that you gather together and measure precisely the right mix ingredients.

In the early years of Casey’s Krunch, if it wasn't for the support from amazing organizations like HOT BREAD KITCHEN (HBK), Casey’s Krunch wouldn’t be where it is today. HBK is an award-winning incubator program designed specifically for early stage food start-ups. HBK is a shared commercial kitchen space and business support program for early-stage food enterprises that show growth potential. In the capital intensive culinary industry the mentorship and community that Casey’s Krunch found at HBK literally was essential to its growth. HBK allows entrepreneurs to mitigate start-up risk an grow their food ventures in a community of like-minded business owners. The professional community and support that exists at HBK is just what any early-stage food start up is looking for and Casey’s Krunch will be forever grateful for its time there.

After spending two years at HBK, Casey’s Krunch had grown enough that it needed a bigger kitchen, In early 2019 the decision was made to move production to a brand new commercial kitchen in Industry City, Brooklyn. This new kitchen has allowed Casey’s Krunch to grow and scale to the next level.

What has not changed is the hands-on, homemade approach that has made Casey Krunch a favorite of so many. Casey’s Krunch is still baked in-house to ensure that the quality and care of the product is still of the highest quality.

As Casey’s Krunch continues to grow you can expect the launch of new delicious granola products made with the love and care that has been a cornerstone of our success. Until then, “Keep on Krunching!’